Why Would Anyone Censor the Web?

I’m passionately interested in health, and I use the internet for research. While I don’t consider all web info reliable, many studies and research articles are fine sources. I use a variety of search engines: Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yandex, Brave, and Gibiru. I like to compare results on different search engines – and recently noticed huge differences! What’s really happening there? I’m not sure yet, but my eyes are open, so I’m sharing it with you all.

How would a search engine try to control public opinion in a silent battle for the human mind? By controlling the information available, of course. Google has been doing that for a long time. With 93% of the market, Google can use AI to “help” your search. And Google can “disappear” any website that violates their particular viewpoint. Google rank is only a small part of the issue. Sometimes specific articles are completely missing on Google. Imagine the power of a search engine to influence how people think, control opinions on politics, elections, religion, and even “seed” new thought forms. Personally, I’d like to see the WHOLE TRUTH. So, now I’m wondering, what websites do Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo censor?

Great news!
search engine shows “Censored Content” side-by-side with “All Content”. This makes Gibiru my favorite search engine for finding ALL INFORMATION on the free web, even the hidden things Google doesn’t want us to see! Try it now! https://gibiru.com/

What’s the problem with Google Search?  

A good search engine should be fast, efficient, easy to read. It should be uncensored, not influenced by politics or business. It should not collect my personal data or scan the files on my computer. It should be privately owned, not owned by a Fortune-500 company like Vanguard or BlackRock. It should not sell my search statistics. It should not create personalized ads for me based on my other searches. That’s private.

Recently I’ve noticed certain subjects are missing or “hidden” in Google. I notice subjective, opinion-based “science”, in which my searches for medical information are “prompted” or skewed by pharmaceutical interests. Yikes!

Google, Facebook, Twitter all do this. Compare various search engine results, and you’ll see a big difference. That’s why Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has become the #1 world leader in molding public opinion on everything from healthcare to politics to AI and human cloning.

Beware of AI personalized “filter bubbles”.
Some search engines like Google and Bing give customized results based on your past history, called a “filter bubble”. They use AI algorithms to predict what information you like based on your location, past searches, and click history. So, they show only information that agrees with your past viewpoint. Facebook does this too, putting you in a state of blissful intellectual isolation with no contrary information. Bad news!

Gibiru allows you to “see” what the main search engines censor.

GIBIRU shows “Censored Content” side-by-side with “All Content”. https://gibiru.com/

Here are some Gibiru examples:

What do they want to hide about “Organic Vegetable Gardening”?

What do they want to hide about Myocarditis?

What do they want to hide about this phrase:

“The PCR Test cannot diagnose“…


You get the point. Now we get to see “what they show you” versus “what they don’t want you to see.” I’m sure you can think of many current and historic topics that you’d rather see “everything” about to make an informed decision with as much information as possible rather than the globalists’ “cherry-picked” versions.

What about censored publications or censored pre-prints? censored epidemiologists? What about climate change, laws that have been passed that didn’t make the headlines, court cases, FOI requests, vaccine victims, natural cures, cancer, censored doctors and scientists, hidden from the mainstream media protests, and the real history of virology? What really happened in the 1918 Spanish flu? etc. etc.

Please save the links below and share them with others. Even if you don’t intend to use them yourself, you may know of someone in your life who is dedicated to helping awaken people; please make sure they know about these tools. I’d seriously be thousands of hours ahead in my research by now if I knew about these back in 2020. We could’ve saved millions of lives, and we still can if we have the right tools.

Do you have a tool that the world should know about? Please let me know if you come across anything that you believe will be useful to other truth seekers around the world. (Gettr|Telegram|Other)

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Thank you for this info Penny Butler!
Useful Tools For TruthSeekers


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