Lick the Sugar Habit without Deprivation

By Jane Barthelemy.
Many of us crave sweets, like Brownies and Chocolate Fudge.
They taste wonderful in the moment, but when your blood sugar plunges a few minutes later, and you suddenly gain 5 pounds, it’s a bad day. Sugars and carbs are the problem with most sweets, causing a spike in blood glucose that destabilizes metabolism, and weight gain. Both are bad news, and they’re causing epidemic health problems in the world.

I found an amazing solution and I’d like to share it with you.
It’s so simple. I use the lowest carb flours and sweeteners to re-create my favorite desserts. That’s it! Imagine my surprise when I tasted them and didn’t have any blood sugar rush or added pounds. I wanted to celebrate! I ended my life-long craving and broke the sugar habit. Then I wrote a cookbook to share my creations. It’s called Paleo Desserts.

Here’s my secret of how to make healthy low-carb desserts. It’s simple.
First you use natural , unprocessed ingredients, like tart fruits, vegetables, coconut, almonds, and nuts. However the real key is to use the lowest carb flour and the lowest carb natural sweetener.

The first essential is flour. I use pure coconut butter which is shredded unsweetened coconut flakes, ground in any home food processor, or almond meal. These are delicious, nutritious whole foods with 27% carbs and 31% carbs respectively.

The second essential is a non-glycemic sweetener. I use a natural sweetener made from chicory root fiber called Just Like Sugar Table Top. It tastes wonderful, and is easy to use cup for cup like sugar. You can buy Just Like Sugar Table Top in some whole food stores, online, or by clicking the link right here. Chicory root is high in inulin, a sweet fiber that is not digested as a carbohydrate. It is a natural, zero carb, zero sugar, and non-caloric sweetener that causes no rise in blood sugar or insulin response. I don’t sell it, I just like it and I use it. Make sure you ask for the Table Top, not Baking, which is measured differently. My recipes will work with any sweetener. To achieve the health benefits, you need to use the zero-carb sweeteners I recommend.

Do the math:

Compare the carbs in most desserts with * my favorites.
he difference is like night and day.

Carbs in common Flours:
*Shredded unsweetened coconut flakes – 27% carbs!
*Almond meal – 31% carbs!

Coconut flour (processed and defatted) – 71%
Whole wheat flour – 67%
White flour – 73%
Brown rice flour – 78%
Potato flour – 83%
Tapioca flour – 84%

Notice that commercial coconut flour, which is de-fatted and processed, is high in carbs.
Even most gluten-free flours are extremely high in carbs.

Carbs in Sweeteners:
* Natural Chicory Root Fiber – Just Like Sugar Table Top – 0% carbs!
* Organic Zero – Erythritol by Wholesome Sweeteners– 0% carbs!
Honey, Raw, unprocessed – 82%
Maple Syrup – 85 – 93%
High Fructose Corn Syrup – 79%
Agave Nectar – 79-95%
Brown Rice Syrup – 90%
Coconut Sugar / Nectar – 92%
Cane or Beet Sugar – 100%

Glycemic sweeteners are in everything these days. These are the sugars (like glucose and fructose) that doctors say are at the root of our epidemic of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. You can compute the % carbs for yourself from the nutrition label. Just divide total carbs in grams by the serving size in grams.

When you eat conventional desserts, even gluten-free and most Paleo desserts, you’re eating a lot of carbs. They’ll give you a nice big spike in blood sugar and promote weight gain. My recipes are a new concept in delicious health! And most people can’t tell the difference between my desserts and the unhealthy conventional ones. Find out how to make them healthy in my book Paleo Desserts. There are also hundreds of free recipes here on this website.

These Paleo sweets are compatible with many alternative diets, such as gluten-free, celiac, dairy-free and diabetic. Most everyone can enjoy them, because the Paleo diet eliminates refined foods. So if you or anyone in your family is on a special diet, these recipes can help you enjoy your favorite sweets without compromising your health.

Everybody loves sweets. I believe this is a joy that we need and deserve in our lives. The good news is you don’t have to give them up. These delicious recipes will help you stay healthy and happy – without the carbs that cause weight gain.  They’re nutritious, real food, so you can forget the guilt and deprivation. Make sweets a joyous part of your day and of your diet. Just take a risk, try one recipe, and you will be a believer, just as I am. My sweet tooth is satisfied, I stay healthy, and physically have no negative effects from sweets. This is a new concept in desserts.

Words do not describe my joy when I taste my low-carb desserts. I feel no sugar rush, yet I can enjoy the sweet comfort of Brownies, Chocolate Fudge and Apple Pie. They taste so delicious, I can hardly believe they’re desserts! Say good-bye to blood sugar swings and weight gain, by eating low-carb treats made with nourishing ingredients.

And that’s how I licked the sugar habit – by eating low-carb Paleo Desserts. And you can too!
Check out my recipes here on this website, and find my cookbook at Paleo Desserts .com.

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