The Libido Diet: Asian Medicine Secrets

Your sensuality is one of your most powerful resources. Passionate emotion is a strength, not a weakness. I believe “Libido” is not exactly a desire for physical sex. Maybe it’s much more vast. Libido is our desire to be ALIVE. It is our roots in the oceans of time, our link to the past and future. It is the source of fruitful imagination and JOY. Sensuality is part of our path to freedom. What are we doing to nourish it?

Now’s the time for us to support our own balanced health alongside our libido and sensuality. We come from S.E.X. We enjoy S.E.X.  In fact, libido is probably an excellent measure of your overall level of health! So when you eat foods for libido, you are serving your general health, and visa-versa. My Bhutanese husband, Lama D, is wildly enthusiastic for goji berries these days. He feels it is empowering his sensual nature. I’m in full agreement. And I love goji berries too!

Article Summary:

  1. Sensuality means Self-Love, Having Fun, Open to Change
  2. Declining Sperm Counts and Birth Rates due to vaccines and environmental chemicals.
  3. What Foods and Lifestyle Activities promote health and libido?
  4. What Foods and Lifestyle Activities reduce health and libido?
  5. Boost Libido with Beets, and Other Recipes for Sensual Vitality.
  6. Conclusion: Life is all about Balance.

1. Sensuality Means Self-Love, Give & Take, Open to Change

Sensuality means inhabiting your whole body with JOY in this moment. Loving yourself means you mindfully practice self-care every day. Patterns are wonderful, and balance is important. However, life is all about transformation. Ha Ha! If you try to stay the same, you’re in a pattern of habitual thoughts and actions. While it is good to be stable, with no transformation eventually you die. So, sensuality means we are AWAKE and consciously open to change in life.

Daoist sexual teachings emphasize the act of GIVING pleasure to another person selflessly. It all starts with loving yourself. When we vitalize our own self-love, we build our sensuality. Mindful awareness helps build curiosity and personal insight in every area of our life. Sometimes just changing something small, like your work position, your shoes, or your inner mantra, can shift a larger pattern. Forge an openness by asking questions to alter old patterns, and raise your overall perception:

  • What are you doing today to lift up your frequency and energy patterns?
  • Are you taking kind, compassionate care of your body-mind-spirit?
  • Can you cultivate mindful awareness and a state of curiosity?
  • How can you do something FUN to jump-start your sensual life and your spiritual life?
  • What new activity can you try today, just to have fun breaking a habit.
  • Challenge yourself with fun actions and thoughts that are fresh and new.
  • A teeny bit of effort brings great rewards and your life will never be in a rut!

Find intentional ways to encourage and reward yourself with gentle self-compassion and self-love. Surround yourself with people who encourage you, believe in you, and support you. That is true sensuality.

2. Declining Sperm Count and Birth Rates due to Vaccines and Environmental Chemicals.

It’s no secret that sperm count in the world has been falling for a long time. If you got the vax, you already know about low sperm counts in men after the jab. Sperm quality has dropped by 50% over the last 50 years. For example, a 25-year-old man in 1970 had 50% more sperm than the same 25-year-old man in 2023. In 1970, the minimum sperm count was 200 million sperm, but today it is an average of 15 million.

Massively declining sperm count in men is a global problem, according to new research and it has evident implications for the survival of the human race. Current trends in sperm counts, if extrapolated, suggest that as early as 2050, the species may functionally infertile. Read article.

It’s not just men that are affected. Covid jabs impact both male and female fertility. Studies show impaired semen concentration and motility in men, irregular and heavy menstruation in women, with rising miscarriages, fetal deaths, and stillbirths after the rollout of the shots. Women’s health statistics across the world show an alarming plunge in birth rate following the shots. According to experts such as Dr. James Thorp, Covid-19 injections have resulted in spikes in miscarriages, infertility and serious menstrual complications – yet these increases are difficult to quantify, because of irregularity in reporting adverse events.

If the decline in sperm continues, humanity may be functionally infertile as early as 2050. Read article. Two of the biggest culprits seems to be vaccines and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Other causes of the decline in sperm count include poor nutrition in processed foods and lifestyle factors such as farming chemicals, phthalate plastics, vaccines, obesity, smoking, drinking alcohol, and stress.

3. Eat THESE FOODS for Libido and Longevity (alphabetical): 

What are the best foods improving S.E.X.UAL power and overall health? Here are some suggestions from traditional Asian medicine to open your sensuality that serve your entire life. These tips can help increase happiness, improve memory, increase bone regeneration, enhance immunity, revitalize your health, jump-start your wellbeing, and build your sense of self-love, to live a longer, more fulfilling life.

Fresh, living foods from nature promote health. Listen to you own body. Here are some of the BEST Foods for Longevity and Libido.
EAT ORGANIC FOODS, as Farming Chemicals Harm Your Health and Reduce Libido. 

    1. Asparagus
    2. Avocados
    3. Beans, Lentils, Black beans
    4. Beetroot
    5. Black Sesame Seeds
    6. Blackberries, Blueberries
    7. Broccoli
    8. Chestnuts
    9. Onions, garlic, leeks, chives, (Alium family)
    10. Coconut oil
    11. Coconut Water
    12. Cucumbers
    13. Eggs
    14. Figs
    15. Ginger
    16. Goji Berries (Wolfberry)
    17. Green Beans
    18. Lamb
    19. Moringa Leaves or Powder
    20. Nuts, Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Pistachios, Pumpkin seeds
    21. Oysters
    22. Raw Cacao
    23. Saffron Crocus sativus
    24. Salmon
    25. Turmeric

Activities to Increase Libido and Health:

  • Detox: Bowel Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Kidney cleanse, and Parasite Cleanse
  • Exercise, Walking, Yoga, Qigong, Taichi,
  • Meditation
  • Detox of Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • Brain Balancing
  • Pranayama
  • Relaxation
  • Drink 2.5 quarts later every day
  • Walk Outside in Nature

TOP Herbs and Natural Supplements for Libido: (alphabetical)

  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Astralagus Huang Qi
  • Cordyceps
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Ginkgo
  • Ginseng Root, American
  • Ginseng Root, Red Chinese
  • Lingzhi mushroom
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Lu Rong, Deer antler tips
  • Maca root
  • Reishi Mushroom Ling Zhi
  • Rhodiola root
  • Schisandra Wu Wei Zi

4. Avoid These Foods and Activities that Deplete Libido and Reduce Lifespan

Chinese Medicine suggests that certain foods make our internal system “damp”, congested, sluggish, swollen, groggy, or cold. This brings stagnation in the body, which shows up as weight gain, bloating, low energy, poor immunity, tired lungs, yeast infections, inflammation, bacterial infections, acne, and flu.  These foods are the common culprits:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Baked goods, refined grains, cereals,
  • White rice
  • Bread, cake, cookies
  • Chocolate with sugar. Even “Dark” chocolate contains sugar.
  • Coffee
  • Cold foods and drinks
  • Concentrated fruit juices, esp orange juice and tomato juice
  • Dairy products, including milk, cheese, ice cream (yogurt is an exception)
  • Fast foods
  • Flour
  • Fried foods
  • Greasy foods
  • Noodles
  • Peanuts, peanut butter
  • Pork and rich fatty meats
  • Refined and processed starches and carbohydrates
  • Spicy Hot peppers and Nightshade vegetables
  • Sugar and sugary foods
  • Wheat products
  • Personal Care products made with harmful chemicals
  • Fluoridated water

Activities that Damage Libido:

  • Dehydration
  • Vaccines
  • Poor sleep
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Recreational Drugs
  • Worry about money
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Family disputes
  • War
  • Trauma and Traumatic memories

5. Boost Your Libido with Beets!

Beets Contain High Amounts of  Nitric Oxide for Blood Circulation and Vasodilation!
Nitric Oxide promotes intra-cellular communication and plays an important role in inflammation, sensual vasodilation and nerve health. It is one of the most important components for the health of our blood vessels.

Approximately 80% of libido-building nitrates in food come from eating VEGETABLES. BEETS are the top of the list!!

Recipes to Nourish Your Libido:

Black Sesame Seed Brownies

Apricot Blueberry Goji Salad with Basil

My 1-Minute Turmeric Shot!

Pumpkin Seed Basil Pesto, Vegan

Wild Dandelion Avocado Pesto with Pumpkin Seeds!

Detox Spinach Avocado Walnut Dip

Spinach Beet Brain-Food Salad

Cauliflower Risotto alla Milanese with Saffron!

Conclusion: LIFE is all about BALANCE. 

The big takeaway is that libido, reproductive fire, sexual health, longevity, happiness, and wellness are inseparable.
They’re each sides of the same wholeness we strive for in our lives. We must take control of optimizing our health, joy, and longevity by every means possible.

The longest-lived and healthiest people in the world live mostly on natural whole foods locally grown. Eating pure, whole, organic foods grown on chemical-free humus-rich black soil is one of the secrets of centenarians.

The Bulgarian diet, for example, consists largely of whole rye and barley bread, sunflower seeds, vegetable soups, and fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, sourdough bread, and soured milk. These people work hard. They consume fermented goat or sheep milk and fresh raw honey.

According to Sexuality Guru, Mantak Chia, in his book “COSMIC NUTRITION” there are TWELVE KEYS TO GOOD HEALTH. To ensure that our vital functions continue, it is important to follow these twelve rules of healthful eating.

  • Eat only when hungry, and stop before you are full.
  • Maintain proper balance of acid and alkaline and yin and yang.
  • Chew your food well and mix thoroughly with saliva.
  • Refrain from eating when emotionally upset or physically exhausted.
  • Eat food at room temperature.
  • Eat fresh, natural, organic, raw, and cooked foods daily.
  • Fast or follow an elimination diet when necessary.
  • Combine food properly so that foods digest fully according to their nature.
  • Refrain from close eye work or intense brain work before, during, or after meals.
  • Eat your last meal at least three to four hours before bedtime, so that sleep time is rejuvenating.
  • Be cheerful and calm at mealtime.
  • Follow the law of moderation.

“Sex is the one human activity that integrates and synchronizes the physical body, the imagination, and the spirit. It promotes balance, health, and joy. Then longevity is a natural result.”

Srijana, aka Jane Barthelemy is a medical intuitive, author, and healer. She has practiced Tibetan Buddhist meditation for over five decades, residing in the Rudrananda Ashram in the USA for 35 years. She practices cranial osteopathy, Acunect, and BodyTalk – an infusion of intuitive Chinese, and Ayurvedic wisdom. She is trained in Qigong, Taichi, Daoist sexuality, and Kundalini activation. Her medical Qigong training is with Mantak Chia, Khamto Lee, Daniel Villasenor, Zhongxian Wu, Dr. Ka’imi Pilipovich, Franco Mescola, Richard Leirer, and Lam Kam Chueng. She has her BS in Italian Opera and MBA in financial management. Her two paradigm-changing cookbooks show how to build health with unprocessed foods. Her upcoming books include: “Heal Your Past Lives”, and “Buddha Speaks – Channeled Passages from the Master”.  She is on the faculty of NewEarth University and LearnDesk. Her websites are and Srijana lives in Bali with her Bhutanese husband, Lama D.


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