Sauces & Dressings


Apr 17

Yogurt with Rhubarb Ginger Sauce

OK, I confess, I’m having a love affair with rhubarb. Why does it taste so irresistably luscious to me? Well, maybe it’s because I found an easy way to cook it in minutes with a bit of ginger, cinnamon and natural zero-glycemic sweetener. So far you’ve seen my Paleo Rhubarb Coffee Cake and


Mar 26

Coconut Sour Cream, Dairy-Free!

A little sour cream on your enchiladas? Sounds delicious! Rich, creamy, and dairy-free, this coconut sour cream is free of the chemicals and stabilizers found in commercial brands. It’s easy to make and an ideal topping for any savory indulgence.


Mar 24

Cashew Mayo

Quick to blend, and way tastier than oily store-bought mayonnaise, you’ll want to spread this creamy mélange on everything! Cashews make a wonderfully smooth base for mayo, and they’re lower in fat than other nuts.


Feb 20

Orange Honey Butter

This is a sweet, spreadable vegan butter made with coconut and orange zest. It’s dreamy, creamy, and tastes yummy on everything – especially Orange Nut Muffins! Spread it on your Paleo toast, nut breads, or use it as a topping on cakes.


Dec 02

Paleo Pâté

Liver is more than a seasonal delicacy. It is one of Nature’s most potent superfoods! This pate tastes rich and creamy, much like traditional pâté de foi gras. The main difference is you can make it in 15 minutes or less. I wanted a way to prepare liver with minimal cooking


Nov 29

Best Vegan Gravy

Slow-roasted caramelized onions with mushrooms and herbs makes the best gravy I’ve ever tasted.  I was recently invited to a gathering, and asked to bring a vegan gravy. This original recipe is the result. Easy to make, it is both vegan and Paleo, without any broth or refined


Aug 25

Avocado Pesto

Here’s a super-easy avocado dip that’s delicious on everything. It’s a dip for veggies, a pizza or pasta sauce, sandwich spread, mayo substitute, topping for sauteed veggies, meats, or garnish on your fried eggs. It’s easy


Jul 25

Paleo Orange Marmalade

I’m so excited about the new breakfast recipes that are coming out of my kitchen. Here’s a sneak preview of a fantastic Orange Marmalade that takes just 20 minutes to make. It’s yummilicious on toast with almond butter. Oranges are naturally sweet, so it doesn’t take much sweetener to make a marvelous


Jun 12

Hemp Mayo with Sassy Flavor Variations

I’m so excited about this new discovery! Easy Vegan Mayonnaise that’s smooth, delicious, and healthy too! Slather it on sandwiches or wraps. Use it a dip, a salad dressing, or a sauce for veggies. I wanted a creamy homemade mayo that’s ready in minutes, with no risk of curdling


May 28

Paleo Pesto Pasta!

I’m super-excited about this new discovery! It’s so delicious, easy to make, AND it tastes just like authentic Italian Pesto Pasta, only better. Zucchini noodles with avocado basil pesto is Paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. You’ll swear it’s real pasta and Parmesan


Apr 27

Easy Blackberry Sauce

I can’t remember what happened. I spun the blender, and somehow poured this sauce on the Chocolate Brownie Waffles. I’ve no memory after that – just pure, delicious flavor. Perhaps I just blacked out or drifted into a parallel dimension, transported further


Feb 28

Paleo Ketchup

Smooth and flavorful ketchup means the best tomatoes, and a perfect balance of tart, sweet, and a bit spicy. This easy homemade ketchup tastes so delicious you’ll want to use it on everything! It’s quick to make in the blender, then simmer and it’s ready to enjoy. I used Eden’s Organic Roma crushed tomatoes, which are packed in an amber glass jar to protect the nutrients from being destroyed by light.  It’s important to buy tomatoes either raw or in a glass jar, never canned. Tomatoes are high in acidity, which dissolves the toxic BPA plastic lining in cans, so

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Feb 25

No-Tomato Ketchup

Heinz is yummy – however THIS ketchup is tastier! Tart, sweet, and rich all at the same time. If tomatoes are off your list, this is for you. It’s made of carrot, sweet potato, and beet, but you’d never guess. Commercial ketchup is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup or sugar, so why buy it when you can have more flavor, lower carbs, and higher nutrition for less money? The recipe uses natural chicory root Just Like Sugar Table Top sweetener, which has zero sugars and zero calories, to spare you the glycemic rush. Or use your favorite sweetener. Just blend

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Feb 15

Asparagus Gremolata

Wow! What an easy and delicious way to eat asparagus! I prefer asparagus steamed al-dente, so it’s sublime flavor comes through. Gremolata sauce sounds fancy – but how simple is lemon zest, lemon juice, garlic and parsley? No equipment required.


Jan 25

Broccoli with Cheese Sauce – Vegan!

I just discovered a super-easy way to make delicious dairy-free cheese sauce for broccoli. It’s so tasty and quick! Broccoli is an important source of calcium for folks that don’t consume dairy, such Paleo dieters and Vegans. Instead of cheese, the recipe uses coconut milk, lemon juice, and nutritional yeast. You can choose to use the broccoli stems or not. I love broccoli stems, and they’re chock full of healthy nutrients like Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, beta-carotene, folic acid, and fiber. Broccoli is best steamed to retain nutrients. This sauce is wonderful on cauliflower too! As a vegetable side dish it serves

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Jan 15

Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

I created this recipe by accident, and it has become my absolute favorite “cheese” for Vegan Pizza and Paleo Pizza. We DO want cheese on our pizza! It slices beautifully, and uses pure coconut instead of dairy. While it’s not an exact duplicate of the taste, it’s so close that when you serve it

Paleo Vegan Mayonnaise

Jan 09

Homemade Mayonnaise

Homemade mayo is way better than store-bought. It contains real lemon juice, healthy oils, and tastes great in salads or dips. This is also a vegan mayonnaise recipe, and a Paleo mayo, because it contains no eggs or soy. That means it’s perfect for picnics and packed lunches, as it can sit out of the refrigerator all day


Dec 30

Paleo Caramel Sauce

Traditional caramel sauce is creamy, dreamy, and oh so thick, with heavy cream, caramelized sugar, and butter. But dairy and sugar are OFF the Paleo diet. So the challenge was HOW to make it Paleo? Oh boy! This Paleo adaptation takes just 5 minutes, and it tastes just as dreamy and creamy as


Dec 24

Paleo Chocolate Sauce

Make this delicious Paleo hot fudge sauce in 2 minutes flat. A gluten-free, vegan, diabetic-friendly topping for ice cream, pancakes, or cheesecake, you’ll want to put it on everything. And it’s instant! Smooth, creamy, and luscious, try it on


Dec 12

Vegan “Blue Cheese” Dip with Garlic

Everyone loves this tasty blue cheese dip, no matter what their diet! It tastes just like traditional blue cheese dip, except it is Vegan, Paleo, and dairy-free. A healthy appetizer you can make it in 5 minutes flat, it’s made with coconut butter and lemon to mimic that authentic “Bleu Cheese” flavor. Just blend and serve immediately, or chill for an hour to thicken even more. Make this as an elegant vegetable dip or hors d’oeuvre for any gathering. It tastes delicious with Paleo Sesame Seaweed Crackers, Gluten-Free Cheese Crackers, or Healthy Buffalo Chicken Wings! Makes 1 1/4 cups dip.

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Oct 13

Paleo Raspberry Jam

This Raspberry Jam is quick to make, sweet, refreshingly tart, and bright red in color. It is yummy on Chocolate Cake, Thumbprint Cookies, Ice Cream… OK – it’s delicious on everything!  It won’t cause a blood-sugar jolt as it is sweetened with Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweetener. Or use your favorite sweetener. Uncooked raspberries are alive with flavor and nutrients. Some people may choose to strain out the seeds, to enjoy a smooth texture. Others might love the authentic “jam” experience and if so, you can keep the seeds in. For the most delicious flavor and consistency, follow this recipe

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Oct 09

No Tomato Sauce

This is a fabulicious sauce for anyone who loves Italian food and doesn’t tolerate nightshade vegetables, which are common allergens (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and eggplant). Instead of tomato, this recipe uses carrot, beet, sweet potato, and lemon. However you’ll never know when you taste it

Maple Fruit Sauce

Oct 02

Maple Fruit Sauce

This quick pancake sauce is yummy on Squash Pancakes. In fact, it tastes fantastic on everything, even meats, chicken, and sweet potatoes. Easy to blend in moments, it is filled with whole food nutrition. The natural pectin in fresh fruit makes a thick, mouth-wateringly sweet sauce.  This healthy recipe uses low-fructose fruits, like tart apple, and it is sweetened with Just Like Sugar Table Top natural zero-carb chicory root sweetener to go easy on your blood sugar. ,Or use your favorite sweetener. Maple flavoring gives it an irresistible magic - instead of maple syrup, which is highly refined and filled with sugars. I use organic fruit so I

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Sep 10

Paleo Mayo

Finally, here’s a Paleo mayo recipe that is delicious, healthy, and soy-free! Instead of vegetable oils, it contains coconut and olive oils. It tastes fantastic on salads or vegetables. It’s also a Vegan Mayo because it contains no eggs. As an egg-free mayo, it’s perfect for picnics and packed lunches, so it can sit out of the refrigerator all day with no worries. And it’s instant so you can use it immediately. It won’t give you any sugar rush, not even a little, as it’s sweetened with Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweetener. Or use your favorite

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Aug 25

Berrylicious Sauce for Pancakes

This is a luscious and super-easy sauce for pancakes or waffles. Simple blended berries taste fantastic on Blueberry Pancakes, and they contain natural pectin which makes the sauce beautifully thick. Use any tart berry, such as blueberry, raspberry, gooseberry, elderberry, etc. This sauce is very low in carbs if you use the natural zero-carb, zero-calorie sweeteners PureLo Lo Han, or Just Like Sugar Table Top natural chicory root sweeteners. Or use honey. You can blend this sauce while the pancakes are cooking. Serves 4. Print Berrylicious Sauce for Pancakes Rating: 51 Ingredients 2 cups berries, fresh or frozen (I used

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Aug 01

Curry Powder – Nightshade-free

I love spicy foods! Here’s how to make your own homemade curry powder that’s easy on the digestion. Curry powder is a Western adaptation of authentic, exotic Asian spice blends. Most curry powders are a blend of many spices including red pepper or cayenne. These nightshades can cause heartburn, inflammation and joint pain. See my article: Beware of Nightshades. The most common nightshade plants are peppers (red, green, yellow, orange, jalapeno, chili, cayenne, pimento, paprika), tomatoes, (all varieties including tomatillos), potatoes (all varieties including potato starch, except sweet potatoes and yams), and eggplant. Black pepper is not a nightshade. (Whew! That’s a relief.) You can

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Jul 31

Instant Coconut Whipped Cream

Every dessert deserves a crowning touch. Here’s a luscious coconut whipped cream topping you can make in 1 minute, using full-fat canned coconut milk. This topping is Vegan, Paleo, dairy-free and I think it’s tastier than whipped cream or any substitute. Just keep a can of thick, full-fat coconut milk in the refrigerator (not Lite). Use it to garnish your desserts in moments. Makes about 2/3 cup coconut whipped topping. Find more Paleo Desserts at my website! Print Instant Coconut Whipped Cream Rating: 51 Ingredients 1 (14-ounce) can very thick unsweetened coconut milk, full fat, such as Thai Kitchen brand 2 tablespoons sweetener such as Just

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Jul 09

Paleo Pesto

Paleo Pesto looks and tastes just like traditional basil pesto. The classic Italian recipe uses fresh basil, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese. However this recipe is dairy-free. It’s easy to make and tastes pretty amazing on Gluten-Free Herb Crackers. Or use it as a sauce on Zucchini Spaghetti.